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Expertise: Vedic Astrology

    Hello to all. Here's your Vedic Astrologer friend Nanu. Nice to meet to all the loving people of this world. 

    I Introduce myself as a Vedic Astrologer from my childhood. I am eager to know about planets and constellations and also about their movements and their effects on humans. As my passion and hobby. I started reading our great Indian Rushi-Muni's books on astrology. References and get my knowledge deep at the age of 16. I had deeply studied it.

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    What clients say about Nanu

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      Nanu is great, very honest and halpfull, I will talk with him again for sure

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      Listening to my issues and calmly giving advice.

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    What I do

    As a Vedic Astrologer I can give you information on your planetary situation and movements of planets and especially typically Vedic Astrology method to know about your future, problems solutions is more than 5000 years ago (approx) is proven. I had a long experience as a Vedic Astrologer with my Gurus ( Teachers ), where I had to study deeply , get rectified proper knowledge, and rectify my my problems by all the calculations myof to my Vedic Astrology. I love to give solutions to into the most critical problems.

    My experience and qualification

    the  an Since the age of 16 I am gathering the knowledge of Astrology as a passion, hobby, and activity. Also, I have studied and have been in Vedic Asatgy formatInstitute, the renowned institute,, INSTITUTE OF VEDIC

    Also I have done internship with high and gold medalist astrologer for 10 years. Since 9 years I a  doing professional practice and have given predictions for so many people of Pan India and Foreign countries.

    My Approach to Readings

    I am giving you reading based on pregnancy and your questions, like marriage, finance, job, boyfriend, girlfriend, love relationships, break-ups, patch-ups, family disputes, court cases, property, transfer, child problems,inpregnancy, conceiving, health, wealth, etc.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    Dear all valuable people as you know  Vedic Astrology is based on the Moon'ssigns Zodiac Moon'ssigns, and the perfect prediction and readings, and calculations are situations based on the movement of the planetary situation. the That requires proper knowledge , calculations and long experience. In brief, it is based on your Date of birth, Time of birth, and Place of birth. So if you provide me , with proper details , I can calculate and I can give you proper, authentic solutions for your ASTOR problems. Sometimes it is also possible that some birth details you with not remember or you may not have it. For that also in Vedic astrology astrology its, there is one simple way is provided which can answer your all questions and generally it is, known as a Question Horoscope. In Vedic Astrology it is known as PRASHNA KUNDALI. It is created based on its current time and not required for any other information. 
    For any of your Astro problems, you are always welcome and feel comfortable. Please do not hesitate to chat with me.
    Thanks, your Astro friend Nanu.