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Expertise: Tarot

    I am very passionate about what I do. My gift has come to me through generations. Empathy helps me to read energies. I am slowly discovering new facets of myself and my abilities. The universe guides me. Intuition helps me to choose the right path. And my path began in childhood, when my grandmother told me about my abilities. She taught me to use Tarot cards, to trust my dreams, and to listen to my inner voice. I use different tools to help people. Together they complement each other and give more complete information. I am happy to share this information and open new visions.

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      37 Best Tarot Questions: Gain Clarity and Insight with the Best Questions for Tarot

      Tarot readings have long been recognized for their remarkable ability to provide insight and reveal life’s mysteries. Whether you’re seeking clarification regarding love, job, or personal growth, the tarot deck can help—as long as you know the best questions to ask tarot during a tarot reading session with a professional. In this post, we share the 37 best tarot questions, which are sometimes mistakenly referred to as 37 best tarot questions about love or 37 best tarot questions about money. In reality, this list covers all major aspects of our lives, including love and relationships, career and finances, personal growth, and more.

    What I do

    My favorite tool is Tarot cards. They give very deep and useful information. I am an expert in the field of love relationships. In my consultations, I consider in detail any questions that relate to relationships. I provide such services as conducting rituals for the return of the beloved, opening the love chakra, and finding a soul mate. My work is supported by powerful affirmations and talismans. These talismans we can make together and charge them to fulfill your desire. This will strengthen your energetic field and attract into your life what you want. I will be in constant contact for support.

    How Can I Help You

    I do reading in different directions. It can be in different areas of life, not just relationships. I look at each question in detail, and together we can find answers or a way out of the situation. You can feel comfortable with me during the session, and you will not hear any judgment from me. I will also show you different options for developing yourself if you want to take a particular step. An energy reading will show you what energies you or the person you are interested in are in. We will explore the depths together. At the end of our communication, you will have clarity.

    My experience and qualification

    My professional astrological experience has been lasting for more than 13 years. I have done over 20,000 counseling sessions so far. People come to me with all kinds of topics and questions. I try to explore each issue as deeply as possible. Using different techniques allows me to uncover what is hidden. Mostly people come to me with questions about love relationships. But I will also help to reveal in detail the sphere of career, family, hobbies and divine purpose. My rituals strengthen the very desires and goals and lead to their fulfillment at the right time. There is also such an interesting ritual as creating your own talisman. This is a unique opportunity to become the creator of your own destiny.

    My Approach to Readings

    My approach to each consultation is very individualized. Before I begin a reading, I tune in to your energy field. It's like a connection between us, like an energetic bridge. Then I can hear your vibrations and understand your emotional state. My empathy allows me to tune in only to you and blocks other energies. This way the reading is as clear as possible without interference from outside. You ask the question you are most concerned about and we begin to spin this situation on the energetic plane and I read the information that comes from the flow of the Universe.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    In my reading, I see not only the necessary information, but we find solutions together. You will understand what to do, what to do, what steps to take in order to achieve a particular goal and solve a problem. I give support during our dialog and afterwards. From time to time I can check the development of your situation in a certain period of time and write to you about it. From my side I will give you the necessary information and we can explore solutions. On the emotional level you can feel comfort and harmony. I will guide you and hold your hand for as long as you need.