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Expertise: Tarot Numerology Astrology

    Hi there! glad to see you on my profile! my name is Bella and I am an expert in tarot, astrology and numerology. My tools help me predict the future. I help people in difficult situations, in making decisions and finding their way. I conduct consultations, receive signs from the universe, and interpret them. I am an empath, I feel the energy of people and help everyone find their purpose in life. I have developed intuition and am able to feel the energy and mood of people, which helps me better understand the needs of my clients and give them more accurate advice. I am very sensitive to the emotional state of people and know how to listen to them with great attention and understanding. I have excellent communication skills and am able to explain complex concepts in simple language, which helps me communicate better with my clients. I am able to analyze complex situations and see hidden relationships between various factors.
    I maintain high ethical standards and respect the privacy of my clients.

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    What clients say about Bella_8

    • JU

      thank you, you have been great help

    • CO

      After talking to her i just feel better , she is really that best u don’t regret talking to her , «  hey you , go and talk to bella you will not regret it » ❤️

    • AL

      Super kind, and quick responding

    What I do

    I am a tarot card reader and help people get answers to their questions, solve problems, and make decisions. I use my knowledge of the symbolism and meanings of the cards to give the client a deeper understanding of their situation and provide recommendations for action.
    my goal is to help the client gain clarity and understanding in their life, make decisions, and move forward. I can also use my skills to work with energy blocks and help the client achieve balance and harmony in their life.
    Tarot cards are a powerful tool for gaining deep insight into your life, solving problems, and making decisions.

    How Can I Help You

    I do a tarot card reading using my knowledge of the symbolism and meanings of the cards to help the client get answers to their questions, resolve problems, and make decisions. A client can gain many benefits from a tarot card reading session. First, he/she can gain clarity and understanding in his/her life, which will help him/her make decisions and move forward. Secondly, I can help the client see problems or blocks that may be preventing him/her from achieving his/her goals and help him/her find ways to overcome these obstacles. Third, a tarot card reading session can help the client achieve balance and harmony in their life, as well as find new ways to grow and develop. I help people who are looking for answers to their questions and need to understand their life situation. Some ways I can help include: Providing Intuitive Answers I use tarot cards to help people get intuitive answers to their questions. Decision aid - I can help people make more informed decisions based on their intuition and deep understanding of the situation. Help in finding your path - I can help people define their goals and find their path in life. Helping to understand the past - I can help people understand their past and its impact on the present. Help in managing emotions - I can help people understand their emotions and learn to manage them. Helping people communicate with others can help people better understand other people and improve their relationships with them.

    My experience and qualification

    I have over 12 years of experience in tarot reading and rituals. I am a highly trained consultant who can help people gain a deep understanding of their life situations and make informed decisions. I have a deep knowledge of the symbolism of tarot cards and can use them to provide accurate and intuitive answers to clients' questions. Experience in rituals allows me to create special conditions for working with cards, which can improve the quality of the consultation.
    I can conduct various rituals that will help clients attract the desired changes into their lives. This can be a ritual to attract love, well-being, and prosperity, or to cleanse negative energies.
    I am a professional who can help people achieve a deep understanding of their life issues and make informed decisions to improve their lives.

    My Approach to Readings

    I conduct tarot card readings with an open mind and heart to get the most accurate answers to clients' questions. I use a variety of card spreads that can help clients gain deep insight into their life issues and make informed decisions.
    I try to provide the client with as open answers as possible. A quality tarot expert's approach to work includes several key aspects. Firstly, it is professionalism and understanding of the symbolism of the cards. A tarot expert must have in-depth knowledge of the meanings of each card, their combinations, and their influence on various areas of a person’s life.
    Secondly, empathy and understanding of the client are important. I can listen carefully to the client's questions and concerns and then offer constructive and thoughtful interpretations of the cards
    In addition, I approach client consultation responsibly and ethically. This includes maintaining confidentiality, respecting the client's privacy, as well as providing objective information, warning of dangers, and explaining possible courses of action.
    I kept my knowledge up to date by constantly studying new techniques, symbolism of cards, and ways of interpreting them.
    I must be able to communicate with clients clearly, understandably, and respectfully, creating trust and helping clients clarify their own thoughts and feelings.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    I have an in-depth knowledge of the symbolism and meanings of tarot cards, allowing me to provide quality and insightful interpretations to his clients.
    In addition, I am distinguished by empathy and understanding of my clients. I can listen carefully to their questions and concerns, and then offer support and assistance in finding answers to their questions.
    It is also worth noting that I approach my work responsibly and ethically, maintaining confidentiality and respecting the personal space of each client.
    An additional argument is the relevance of my knowledge. I regularly deepen my knowledge by studying new techniques, developing in my profession, and following current trends.
    Ultimately, clients should visit me because I have all the necessary qualities to provide you with a professional, empathic, and helpful tarot consultation.