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  • Love love love. Always spot on, and if u listen, it really helps ur mental and life choices.

  • I love Nebula App for the actual use of it! To get my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly readings with professionals I can talk to when needed. All the fun extra stuff too to subscribers that are astrology based and focused on us.

  • To be honest, I got more confidence after using this psychic app. Nebula app is my supporter, and it always makes my day.

All the tools you need to start building your happy life in love — in Nebula app


Is there something crucial that bothers you? Seek out advice from the universe. We’ve gathered astrologers, psychics, and experts in various spiritual practices to help you find the answers to your most important questions.

Chat across all the platforms! You can start a chat in the Nebula app and then continue communicating with your favorite expert from your laptop.

Horoscopes, key astrology events, and specialized calendar

There’s so much going on in the sky! And it all influences our life here, on Earth. Use Nebula horoscopes, key astrology events reports, and specialized calendars to be prepared. Always take the maximum from each particular day and live your best amazing life.

Using the special app feature, you can also check what’s in store for your partner, friends, and family to keep the dearest people in your orbit and inform them about crucial days.

Your Natal chart

How well do you know yourself? Do you ever feel surprised by the urges you get and how your tastes and aspirations change over time? Have you heard people say you don’t seem like a typical Scorpio, Pisces, or Capricorn?

It’s time to take a closer look at your natal chart and expand your idea of yourself. Reveal all the nuances of your personality and tap into your best traits and abilities to grow into your full potential and get in sync with your cosmic narrative. Be your own inspiration and shine out to encourage others to glow by your side!

Love compatibility

We have created the most personalized and detailed compatibility tool on the market. It considers the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn signs of your partner and yours. It also provides daily horoscopes, affirmations, and the main things to focus on specifically for your couple. Of course, you can still check your mere Sun sign compatibility if you prefer a quick glimpse into the main things.

Guides and articles

Our experts always have something helpful and interesting to get you even more in love with the distinctive beauty of life, relationships, and your personality. New articles, guides, and other learning materials appear all the time. And if you want to go deeper — get a personal consultation with the author of articles that catch your attention.


Any journey is more fun with like-minded people by your side, and Nebula’s Community is the perfect place to connect to your fellow Libras and all, all, all! Share your experience, discuss your astrological insights, and make friends with those who just get it.

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Sometimes you just want a quick "yes" or "no" answer to an important question such as "Should I not answer the phone when my ex texts?" You can get such answers on psychic apps. That's what electional astrology is for, and Nebula is the best psychic app specifically designed for it."

Nebula stands out from other astrology psychic apps because of its hyper-specificity as opposed to more general horoscopes and even transit charts.

Your tango
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Nebula App is maybe the prettiest astrology app I've used so far…

Great for: Those who want to invest in an astrological experience that ticks off all the boxes and looks literally gorgeous on your screen.

Well + Good
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Well-known for offering accurate zodiac predictions, Nebula has got everything covered to be your one-stop platform for horoscope and astrology.

Jennifer Freed

I have spent 35 years in the fields of mental health and astrology, and I believe that people can gain a positive perspective and mindset from the uplifting astrology Nebula provides

Jennifer Freed, Ph.D

Psychological astrologer and best-selling author

Kyle Thomas

Nebula is by far one of the most comprehensive, fun, & engaging apps out there & I am really glad their team asked me to review it. Not only is it beautifully designed, but there is so much you can do with it besides just getting your horoscope! Whether you’re new to astrology or a hardcore fan, this app combines natal charts, personal predictions, compatibility charts, & spiritual guidance in a way I’ve never seen before. My favorite thing about the app is that it not only provides answers & insight, but it is supportive and helpful when you want to look deeper into your spirit, heart, relationships, & emotions.

Kyle Thomas

Celebrity Astrologer

Cole Prots

Even as an astrologer, it’s good to get some guidance from others. Nebula has been for helping me look at myself differently & I hope it can do the same for you!

Cole Prots

Esoteric psychological astrologer

Nebula App: Chat with Expert Astrologers for Life and Love Guidance

If you'd like to explore your spiritual side more in-depth and talk to professional psychic advisors about everything that troubles you, give Nebula a chance.

You don't need to commit to full-length video readings—just start a quick psychic chat with Nebula's psychic readers, and you'll get instant helpful advice and guidance. Your first reading can be a just brief introduction to psychic readings.

What's more, thanks to Nebula's welcome bonuses, free daily horoscopes, and other free features, it's as close to a free psychic reading app as it gets. You can get a lot from our psychics without spending much money. Few psychic websites and apps can say the same.

With Nebula's psychic readers, you'll receive helpful insights on everything you want, from your love life and family relationships to career and financial advice (and everything in between). If you're new to psychic apps, Nebula is the best place to start. If your first reading is with Nebula, we guarantee you'll never see psychic readings the same—our standards are that high, and our features are that diverse.

Why App Nebula Is the Best Psychic App

Why is Nebula the best psychic reading app in the ocean of psychic reading platforms? Because everything about it, from the Nebula app customer service to our experienced psychics with their accurate analyses to Nebula's beautiful design, serves the sole goal of enriching our clients' lives and helping them find happiness via readings and other features.

We pride ourselves on being one of the leaders among psychic platforms and apps, and everyone on our team—from psychics to designers—works hard to ensure that we get better every day. Any psychic reader you choose from Nebula's database has immense experience and a broad skillset, so they can offer you helpful advice and answers to all your psychic questions.

Just check the Nebula app reviews to see for yourself. Most users admit that one-on-one chats with Nebula's psychics have helped them. Some have met their soulmate; others have finally mastered the confidence to turn a new page in their life. No free psychic reading app on the market of reading apps comes even close to the customer satisfaction Nebula's psychics have.

Free Natal Chart

The first great feature that explains the impressive Nebula app download number is the aesthetically pleasing and accurate natal chart that every user gets entirely free of charge. No free psychic reading app, no matter its features, has a natal chart as comprehensive as ours.

It includes detailed explanations of every significant planet and house (based on your time of birth), as well as a thorough analysis of your key personality traits. It's a great tool for self-discovery and introduction to the psychic world.

This feature has made Nebula one of the best psychic reading apps on the market. With its user-friendly interface, it's easy to navigate your natal chart for insightful and accurate readings.

Whether you're new to astrology or an experienced enthusiast, Nebula offers the psychic guidance you're looking for. The app is continuously updated to provide the most accurate readings, making it a go-to psychic platform.

With such strong features, it's no surprise that Nebula has amassed glowing reviews from satisfied users.

Daily Horoscopes and Personalized Tips

In addition to the free natal chart, every user also gets free daily horoscopes and personalized tips based on their Zodiac sign and time of birth. You can find what the nearest future holds and how to prepare yourself for it.

Nebula is sometimes referred to as the Nebula astrology app or Nebula horoscope app for a reason—our astrologists' short yet meaningful daily insights are one of our clients' favorite things about Nebula.

This makes Nebula a standout in the realm of psychic reading apps. The daily horoscopes are crafted by experienced psychics and astrologers, ensuring the guidance you receive is both insightful and accurate.

The app's intuitive design makes it easy to access your daily readings, further solidifying its reputation as a top psychic app. It's also customizable, allowing you to focus on specific life aspects like love or career in your daily guidance.

The glowing reviews often highlight how these features make Nebula a trusted psychic reading platform among its users.

Hundreds of Psychic Advisors Available for One-On-One Chats

Nebula has one of the largest pools of psychic reader experts on the market. Hundreds of professional psychics are there for you, happy to talk about anything you want.

Want a more in-depth explanation of your natal chart or horoscope? Would like to explore your compatibility with your love interest? Struggling to navigate conflict with your loved ones? Whatever the case, feel free to use the Nebula app on top of the AskNebula app to get answers.

By the way, our psychics are available 24/7, so you don't need to wait for business hours to have a psychic chat.

The app's chat feature allows you to connect instantly with experienced psychics for real-time psychic guidance. This extensive network of psychics distinguishes Nebula as a premier psychic reading app.

And you're not just limited to astrology; many of our psychics offer tarot psychic readings, energy work, and more. The wide range of services ensures that Nebula stands out among psychic apps for its diversity and depth.

Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, the quality and accessibility of our psychic advisors are often highlighted in user reviews, making Nebula a trusted psychic platform.

Beautiful Design and Convenient Interface

Finally, on top of all our features, we are proud of how lovely-looking and easy-to-navigate Nebula is. Neither form nor function comes second when it comes to Nebula's design.

It's important for us that you enjoy every moment you spend on our app (during the reading and beyond), which is why everything about it, including the way it looks, is done with so much love and care. We want you to love every minute you spend on our Zodiac psychic app, even when you aren't in a chat with a psychic.

Users often rave about Nebula being the best psychic app in terms of design and functionality. Its intuitive interface ensures you can quickly find the psychic readings or daily horoscopes you're interested in.

The app is optimized for both speed and reliability, giving it an edge in the crowded psychic app marketplace. Many reviews compliment the design, stating it significantly enhances the overall psychic reading experience.

This focus on user-centric design makes Nebula not just an app but a comprehensive psychic reading platform that prioritizes user satisfaction.

What Kinds of Psychic Readings You Can Get on Nebula App

When it comes to one-on-one psychic readings with psychic advisors, Nebula is similar to the AskNebula app in that the list of types of psychic readings available is really long.

Whether you're interested in something mainstream, like a Tarot reading, or more obscure, for example, a rune reading, you'll find a reader who'll match your requirements. There's no such reading that we don't have an expert for.

Still, what are some of the common psychic readings that Nebula's clients choose for their first reading?

Detailed Natal Chart Analysis

Although Nebula isn't a completely free psychic reading app, every user gets a free natal chart with thorough explanations when they start using the app. It's one of Nebula's welcome gifts to new clients. You get to learn more about yourself before you even start chatting with our psychic reader professionals or scheduling a reading. Use your natal chart as a stepping stone to your future psychic readings.

Nonetheless, the explanations that come with your natal chart aren't as in-depth as what psychics can offer when talking to you one-on-one during the reading. So if you want to explore your natal chart more in detail, feel free to browse Nebula's psychic advisors and find the one you feel you can trust enough to have a reading with. With how many psychics we have, it won't be a problem.

Compatibility Analysis

Another popular service our psychics work with is astrological compatibility reading. That's why some of our clients view Nebula as primarily a Zodiac psychic app (which isn't necessarily true, for we have various types of psychics and psychic readings).

Start a chat reading with one of Nebula's psychics to find out if you and your love interest are a good match and have a high chance of making it work. During the psychic reading, you'll get helpful advice and a competent guide who'll help you build a love that lasts.

Even if you are already in a relationship, compatibility analysis from our psychics can be helpful. During the psychic reading, you'll learn more about your partner's communication style, needs, and expectations, which will improve your dynamic. The psychic reader will offer you actionable advice on how to improve your relationship with your significant other.

Tarot Psychic Reading

Nebula has both Tarot psychic readings and daily Tarot predictions for all subscribed users. You can not only talk to a psychic to hear their in-depth insights about your future but also enjoy the small daily fix from the app (check the card of the day feature).

Those small daily Tarot predictions complement our horoscopes perfectly and ensure that Nebula users never go through their day-to-day lives blind.

And Any Other Kind of Psychic Reading Imaginable

But the psychic reading types listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. One of the things that make Nebula such a fantastic psychic app is that our psychic advisors aren't limited to specific techniques or psychic reading types.

Whatever it is you'd like to talk about and whichever psychic reading type you'd like to get, they'll be happy to help. Our psychic readings aren't limited to specific reading types or tools. Study our psychics' profiles, chat with a few of them—and you'll see that Nebula's psychic readings can be anything you want them to be. Our psychics can do it all.


  • Nebula app is a mobile application where you can get a free natal chart, daily horoscopes, and one-on-one sessions with spiritual advisors. It's one of the best psychic apps out there and a perfect platform for your self-discovery. Nebula complements AskNebula and will help you dive deep into all things astrology-related.

  • Nebula app has several payment plans: a $7.99 weekly plan, a $24.99 monthly plan, and the best deal—a $29.99 plan for free months. What's more, Nebula has a bunch of free features (for example, daily horoscopes) and a 3-day free trial if you want to get a taste of what you're paying for first.

  • The best psychic app is Nebula, at least if you look at any 5-star Nebula app review from our happy clients. According to their comments and testimonies, Nebula's psychics have helped them change their lives for the better, which means that Nebula successfully serves its number one purpose.